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Safety from a Safe Distance

Wireless can Provide Safety for Users, while also Giving a Big Boost to Productivity

By Gregory Hale
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Safety Suffers with Temp Workers

Appeal is Obvious: Using Temps Can Turn a Smart Boardroom Decision into a Disaster

By Bob Felton
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Security from an Executive Level

What Leaders Need to Know and Ask to Ensure a Strong Security Profile
By Marc Ayala and Jeff Jensen
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New Wave Gas Detection

Traditional Gas-Detection Design Codes Can’t Cover Fire, Flammable Gas, and Toxic Gas Behavior on Tank Farms and Sprawling Petrochemical Facilities.
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Stopping Stuxnet Attacks

Throughout the Industry Today, One of the Strongest Safeguards for Manufacturers Against Stuxnet-like Worms Points Toward Host-Intrusion Prevention Systems or
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This column emanates from a white paper entitled “The IT/OT Convergence — Bridging the Gap.”
By Frank Williams
Operational technology (OT) networks are progressing to the point where a transformation is in full swing. Sometimes referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, or Digitization, it is clear industrial firms have begun to use available technologies to completely revamp their business model.
021413 tomato

Boomers Departing: A Matter of Integration

By Gregory Hale
When Bruce Gibbens walks through one of his client’s tomato processing plants, he knows things are
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070912oil drilling

Securing Real-Time Drilling Data

By Gregory Hale
There is no better term around today that sums up the requirements for oil and gas
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Oil & Gas Security: From Field to Boardroom

By Gregory Hale
You never know who is watching. Just ask the oil and gas company executives hit by
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Graphic of OPC UA Tunnel.

A Secure Information Gateway

By Gregory Hale
It is very easy to get lost in the everyday bits and bytes of the automation
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