Apple Supplier Hit by Hack

Friday, February 10, 2012 @ 04:02 PM gHale

Apple supplier Foxconn suffered a hack attack and information leaked out online in response to media reports of poor working conditions at the electronics manufacturer’s factories in China.

The hacker group, Swagg Security, claimed responsibility for the attack in a Twitter message, and also leaked data stolen from the Foxconn site to The Pirate Bay. Whether it is hacking for profit or social responsibility, the end result is still the same for the manufacturer: Unplanned downtime, which causes a huge hit in productivity and profitability.

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The hacking group said the data included user names and passwords. “The passwords inside these files could allow individuals to make fraudulent orders under big companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, and Dell,” the hackers said in a message on Pastebin.

Foxconn said the company “does not comment on matters of internal network security.”

Swagg Security later updated their Twitter account to state: “Seems like Foxconn admins are angry, A was taken down by them. Guess you guys made one to many orders”.

Foxconn, a major contract manufacturer of electronics including Apple’s iPhone, has faced negative publicity repeatedly since 2010 following a string of suicides at the company’s Chinese facilities. The spotlight was again on the company last month after The New York Times documented the unsafe working conditions and long hours employees go through Foxconn’s factories.

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