ARC Forum: Security a Pillar for Tomorrow

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 @ 12:02 PM gHale

By Gregory Hale
A strong and robust cyber security plan should be a pillar of strength for industry companies because it is not going away and attacks will continue in the future.

“There is a greater need (in the future) for a better cyber security,” said Dianne Chong, Vice President – Assembly, Factory & Support Technology Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology at the Boeing Co. during her Tuesday keynote presentation at the ARC Advisory Group’s 16th Annual ARC World Industry Forum in Orlando, FL.

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She went to talk about other technology investments companies need to make moving forward.
She said they have to have:
• Extreme affordability
• Breakthrough performance. “People always want something better than what they had before,” she said.
• Enduring sustainability. “We want to produce a product that works for a long time and also works with the environment,” Chong said.

Part of offering sustainability means reducing the environmental footprint.

“We want to be compliant to regulations, but we also want to be environmentally responsible,” Chong said.

One more area Chong said needs a careful watch is in workforce development.

With more Baby Boomers packing up and retiring, capturing that knowledge and being able to transfer it to the new wave of workers coming in is an important factor in the coming years.

“You can have great technology and a top level plant, but knowledge management is a huge challenge for us,” she said.

An interesting point, she said, is while younger engineers coming in are more social media conscious and computer savvy, they also thrive on face time.

“No matter what your tools are, younger people like to learn face-to-face. They still value human contact,” she said. “Kids today learn a lot more in school than we ever did years ago. We have to learn how to harness that knowledge when they walk in the door.”

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