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ARC: How to Prevent USB Attacks

By Gregory Hale
Memory sticks, thumb drives, flash drives, or just plain USB; whatever you call them, they all
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JV for Oil, Gas Solution Provider

Rockwell Automation and oil and gas industry giant, Schlumberger, reached an agreement to create a joint venture, Sensia, a fully
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Joint Launch of Edge Computing IIoT Platform

RAD, secure communications provider for critical infrastructure, and ASPIDER-NGI, a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE), released a joint solution that
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Palo Alto Deals for SOAR Provider

Palo Alto Networks will pay $560 million to acquire Demisto, a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) provider. Demisto’s technologies
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Reverse Engineering GreyEnergy Malware

By Alessandro Di Pinto
It’s important for those defending critical and industrial infrastructure to share knowledge and stay up-to-date
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Rockwell Working on PowerMonitor 1000 Fix

Rockwell Automation is working on mitigations to fix cross-site scripting and authentication bypass vulnerabilities in its Allen-Bradley PowerMonitor 1000, according
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Horner Clears Cscape Vulnerability

Horner Automation has a new version to mitigate an improper input validation vulnerability in its Cscape, according to a report
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Delta Fixes it Industrial Automation CNCSoft

Delta Electronics (Delta) has recommendations, including a new version, to fix an out-of-bounds read in its Delta Industrial Automation CNCSoft,
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Intel Has Fix for Data Center Manager SDK Holes

Intel has an update available to handle multiple vulnerabilities in its Data Center Manager SDK, according to a report with
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