Breach: Subsea Cable Operator’s IT Network

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 @ 10:05 AM gHale

Hackers gained access to the corporate IT network last month of global telecommunications service provider and fiber optic subsea cable operator, Pacnet.

Telstra, an Australian telecom and media company that just purchased Pacnet, “took immediate action to investigate and respond to the breach,”including sending Telstra security experts to Hong Kong to conduct a detailed assessment of Pacnet’s network security and engaging an expert external incident response team to assist with their monitoring and protective measures, said Telstra CISO Mike Burgess.

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“Our investigation found that a third party had gained initial access to Pacnet’s corporate network through a SQL vulnerability that enabled malicious software to be uploaded to the network and ultimately led to the theft of admin and user credentials,” he said in a blog post.

“We immediately addressed the security vulnerability that allowed access to the network, removed all known malicious software and put in place additional monitoring and incident response capabilities that we routinely apply to all of our networks. We also ran indicator of compromise checks across all of the Pacnet corporate IT network computers, both servers and workstations,” he said.

He also said the Pacnet corporate IT network was not and still not connected to Telstra, so Telstra’s network has not suffered a compromise.

They don’t know who was behind the attack and the reason for it.

“We have no evidence that information was stolen from the network. Now that we understand the nature of the breach and have taken steps to address it we are talking to our Pacnet customers and staff to let them know what occurred and what we have done in response,” he said

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