Broken Pipe Seal Caused Polymer Plant Fire

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 @ 05:03 PM gHale

A fire at the M&G Polymers Plant in Point Pleasant, WV, started because of a broken seal on a pipe that allowed fluid to leak out, said Human Relations Manager Jeff Fowler.

Firefighters said the fire originated from a pipe outside the plant and they kept it contained so the only damage was to the insulation around the pipe.

Fowler said the chemical that leaked is not poisonous and there was no danger to nearby residents. He said to be sure the fire didn’t spread, the plant took extra precautions to put it out.

“We have a fire suppressant system on site and it was containing the fire and knocking it down,” he said. “Our guys called the fire department just to make sure they came in and completely extinguished it.”

There were no injuries reported. Fowler says plant employees immediately began working to get the plant back up and running.

M&G Polymers makes a component used in plastic food items, such as water bottles.

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