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Challenge to Uncover Emerging Biothreats

A competition just started to seek concepts for novel uses of existing data to uncover emerging biothreats. This competition, called
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Oil Spill Response Facility Earmarked for AK

Sixteen years in the making; an oil spill response facility at Shepard Point, a deep-water access site near Cordova, Alaska,
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Grant for Secure Mobile App Development

Manassas, VA-based Progeny Systems Corporation earned a $749,928 award to develop a secure, mobile application development environment and deployment process.
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Grant for R&D on Malware Prediction

Amherst, MA-based BlueRISC, Inc. gained a $750,000 Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR) Phase II contract for the development of a
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Partnership for Robot Safety

Robot usage keeps continuing to grow, and with it brings questions of safety. That is why the Robotic Industries Association
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Grant for Cyber Threat Solution

NexiTech, Inc. of Woodland Park, Colorado, received a $194,000 contract to harden the cyber-defenses of financial institutions. The NexiTech solution
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CIP Reliability Audit Lessons Learned

There is now a tool available for users, owners and operators employing bulk-power systems to assess their risk, compliance and
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Ensuring OT Cybersecurity

By Timothy Zimmerman
There is no doubt cybersecurity, at this point in the technological age, has become a household
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VA Firm gets Blockchain Grant

Digital Bazaar, Inc. earned $749,241 to develop fit-for-purpose blockchains for identity and access management. Under the Small Business Innovation Program
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4 Years Later: ND Oil Cleanup Almost Done

Cleanup is finally in sight four years after a pipeline leak sent over 20,000 barrels of oil oozing across a
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