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Security Funding in U.S., Netherlands

As most people understand, security is a global issue, so along those lines two national security agencies are providing funding
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Nuke Worker Tried to Hide Error: Feds

A worker “deliberately” attempted to fix an error he had made while conducting tests at a New Jersey nuclear reactor
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KY Safety Site Visits Pay Off

Visibility into any potential safety problems will save money for manufacturers in the long run.
Just take a look
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WA Firm Fined for HI Radioactive Materials Use

A Redmond, WA, company is facing a fine for using radioactive materials in Hawaii without an Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
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OSHA, O&G Network Renew Safety Alliance

A three-year alliance to promote worker awareness of industry-related hazards and solutions in the exploration and production of oil and
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Indicators Associated with WannaCry

Indicators associated with the WannaCry ransomware released to raise awareness of the ICS community and to identify affected ICS and
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Exxon Faces Heat over Bass Strait Spill

Failure to properly respond to an oil spill near an ExxonMobil rig in the Bass Strait increased the risk of
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Special Inspection at IL Nuke

A special inspection occurred late last month at the LaSalle Unit 2 nuclear power plant in Marseilles, IL, to review
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OSHA Partners Renew Safety Commitment

Partners in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Alliance Program renewed their involvement in the government program committed to
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DHS Opens Explosives Detection Lab

A new Test and Evaluation Laboratory building opened at the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), said officials at the Department of
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