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Security Woes Forces Windows Journal Exit

Microsoft removed the Windows Journal application from its operating systems because of several vulnerabilities that can end up exploited through
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OpenSSL Patches Previous Fix

The OpenSSL fix was in, but in reality it made things worse. That is because a patch included in the
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Meat Casing Maker Facing Safety Fine

Meat-casing manufacturer, Viscofan USA Inc., is facing $86,225 in fines for one repeated and one serious safety violation at is
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Chem Spill Injuries at IA Feed Plant

Several people were taken to the hospital with burns after a sulfuric acid spill at a Sioux City, IA, plant
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Trojans Infect System Processes

Android Trojans continue their growth curve with the capability to infect the processes of applications and then downloading their own
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OH Nuke Back Online

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station returned to service Thursday after a rainwater leak forced the plant to shut down Sept. 10.
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OpenSSL Patches Slew of Vulnerabilities

The OpenSSL Project patched vulnerabilities in OpenSSL with the release of versions 1.1.0a, 1.0.2i and 1.0.1u. The latest versions of
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WV Sawmill Faces Repeat Safety Fines

Wayne Lumber and Mulch Inc. is facing $214,633 in fines for 27 safety violations at its Wayne, WV, sawmill, said
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Firefox 49 Patches Vulnerabilities

Mozilla patched vulnerabilities with the release of Firefox 49, including a certificate pinning issue that exposes users to man-in-the-middle (MitM)
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