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PA Machine Maker Fined for Chem Exposure

Lamm’s Machine Inc., an Allentown, PA, machine manufacturing company, is facing $14,782 in fines for exposing employees to dangerous chemical
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Worker Amputation Brings Safety Fines

Liqui-Box Corp., an Ashland, OH, plastic bag manufacturer, is facing $155,208 in fines for serious and repeated violations of machine
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LA Refinery Flaring Incident Not an Explosion

While it may have seemed like a dramatic explosion from a distance, there was no real cause for alarm as
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Oil, PCB Spill Contained

An oil spill on a street in Rossville, GA, contained a chemical linked to health risks, including cancer, officials said.
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Second Suit Filed in OK Gas Rig Fatalities

A second wrongful death lawsuit has been filed over a natural gas rig explosion in January near Quinton OK, that
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Nitrogen Leak Forces Evac

After a hose popped off a nitrogen tank and then reset itself, a HazMat team did not find any residue
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Chrome 65 OS, Mobile Versions Release

It was a busy week for Chrome after Google released Chrome 65 web browser for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating
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Memchached PoC Available, so is Kill Switch

Proof-of-concept code to leverage unsecured Memcached servers to push out record breaking DDoS attacks has been published online. The code
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ND Oil Spill Larger than Thought

An oil spill that occurred last month in Burke County, North Dakota, was larger than initially reported, state officials said.
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