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Fire Hits Treatment Plant Odor Control Equipment

A fire Sunday at the St. Croix Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oak Park Heights, MN, caused over $750,000 in
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Chemicals Feed Fire at IL Recycling Facility

Crews worked through the night Wednesday to put out a large fire at a recycling facility in Des Plaines, IL,
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Adobe Updates Flash Player

Adobe released an updated version of Flash Player in its first patch round of the new year. Flash Player
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Microsoft Fixes Zero Day

Patch Tuesday started off the new year with a bang as Microsoft fixed a Zero Day along with over 50
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Two Oil Spills in Northern Alberta

Emergency crews were cleaning up from two unrelated pre-Christmas leaks from oil facilities in northern Alberta, said officials at the
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Oil Spills into Mississippi River in LA

An estimated 2,500 gallons of fuel oil spilled into the Mississippi River near Gramercy, LA, Thursday morning, U.S. Coast Guard
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Meltdown, Spectre Patches in Firefox Release

Mozilla released an updated Firefox browser that includes fixes for the most recent Meltdown and Spectre bugs discovered in Intel,
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Crushing Hazard Fine after MA Fatality

Schnabel Foundation Company is facing $212,396 in fines for failing to protect employees against crushing hazards while they installed permanent
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5 Fatalities Brings Fines for FL Utility

After five employees were fatally injured, and one other suffered serious burns, Tampa Electric Co. and Gaffin Industrial Services Inc.
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