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Fracking: WV Water Microbes Altered

Wastewater from oil and gas operations – including fracking for shale gas – at a West Virginia site altered microbes
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Remove Admin Rights, Cure Microsoft Issues

A majority of all the critical Microsoft vulnerabilities discovered and fixed last year can truly end up mitigated by simply
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Infecting Ladder Logic Can Beat a PLC

There is a way to beat programmable logic controllers (PLCs) without having to go after the firmware. Instead, by introducing
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Lessons Learned from ICS Attack

Industrial Control Systems (ICS), much to the industry’s chagrin, are not immune to data breaches, ransomware attacks, viruses, malware, insider
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Oil and Gas Security ‘Not Keeping Pace’

By Gregory Hale
When it comes to cybersecurity in the manufacturing automation sector, the oil and gas industry has
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Looking to Strengthen Security Workforce

Sophisticated cyber security defenses are in high demand as more organizations now view the real likelihood of an attack. That
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IoT Threats Beating Security

It is no secret the Internet of Things (IoT) has great benefits, but, likewise, it is no secret it is
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Trust in Data Declines: Report

In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data is king, but to gaiit also has to be reliable, but as
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Real Cost of Breaches

Over 33 percent of organizations that experienced a breach last year reported substantial customer, opportunity and revenue loss of more
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Malvertising Continues Huge Growth: Report

Malvertising over the last year jumped 132 percent over the previous year’s rate, a new report found. This past year
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