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Cost of Cyberattacks on Rise: Report

Cost of a cyberattack increased for enterprises in North America, new research showed. Based on a survey of over 5,000
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SMBs Face Ransomware, IoT Attacks

One quarter of companies have already experienced a ransomware attack and one in eight have dealt with an Internet of
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Employees Biggest Security Threat: Report

Employees are the biggest threat to government systems, a new report found. Knowing that, though, the government still lags behind
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As Automation Grows, Robots’ Security Weak

With the industry moving more toward increased connectivity and stronger automated environment, the use of robots is becoming much stronger.
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WannaCry Scams Growing: Report

Bad guys involved in spam distribution tried to capitalize on public fears of the WannaCry ransomware epidemic with spam and
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Devices Face New Attack Exposure

Because of poor security design of energy management systems in most modern computing devices, new types of attacks are possible,
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Malicious Replacement Parts Hack Smartphones

Replacement parts can end up hacking into smartphones. Hardware replacements like touchscreens, NFC readers, wireless charging controllers, among others, can
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Q2 APT Trends: Zero Days Come to Life

Advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers are leveraging Zero Days and adopted new exploits during the second quarter this year, researchers
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