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Data Breaches on Track for Record Year

This year is on a pace to be another “worst year on record” for data breach activity, a new report
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SCADA Security Needs to Step Up: Report

Attacks on SCADA systems could have an impact on a various networks and parts of the critical infrastructure, a new
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Breach Costs on Rise

It costs businesses $4 million when they suffer a breach, a new report found. Of the 50 percent who reported
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SMB ‘Easy Targets’ for Attackers

Oftentimes small to medium sized manufacturers will eschew security saying no one would attack us because we are too small.
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SharePoint for Vital Data, But is it Safe?

More organizations are storing important company information on SharePoint these days and the burning question remains: Is that data safe?
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DDoS Attack Costs on Rise

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can cost organizations on average over $250,000 an hour in lost revenue, a new
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Mobile Apps Tracking Users’ Moves

There are more mobile applications than you think listening for ultrasonic beacons, and that has huge privacy implications. That could
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Workers Move Data onto Personal Devices

When it comes to security, corporate data governance programs are difficult to establish and enforce. In the end, these programs
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Secrets Under Attack: Report

By Gregory Hale
Insider threat, outside threat, malware, ransomware, terrorist, nation state attack, advanced persistent threat, DDoS, DoS, phishing,
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Phishing Accounts for 75% of Ransomware

Phishing is one of the most effective methods for attackers to find victims and to distribute ransomware. With phishing now
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