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3D Hand Boosts Security

We’ve seen it before in a movie, where someone creates a 3D replica of a fingerprint and uses it to
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Typing While on Video Call a Security Concern

If you type on your desktop or laptop computer’s keyboard while participating in a Skype call, you could be vulnerable
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Looks Like Tuna, Swims Like Tuna, Must be a Robot

Robots are bringing an important layer of physical security protection to ports, working under the disguise of a fish. The
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Drones can Test Well Methane Emissions

A new helicopter drone is under development to sniff for methane emissions at well sites. During a trial run in
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Learning to Spot Phishing Emails

Millions of phishing emails make it to your inbox, uncaught by your email client’s spam filter. Unfortunately, too many slide
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Measuring Tiny Forces with Light

Photons have no mass, but they do have momentum. So along those lines, researchers can do counterintuitive things with photons,
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Materials, Devices Adapt to Environment

Materials with large dielectric constants — aka “high-K materials” — garnered attention for their potential use within future generations of
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Code to Detect Online Fraudsters

A new algorithm makes it easier to determine if someone has faked an online review or if a politician with
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Bringing Encryption to New Levels

Random number generators are crucial to the encryption that protects privacy and security when engaging in digital transactions such as
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