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Holographic Color Printing for Security

There is a new type of anti-counterfeiting device that can be useful for counterfeit deterrence of important documents such as
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Food Safety, Drug Detection on a Chip

Every bite of food we take is an act of faith. The risk increases when food comes from countries with
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Foldable Drone can Adjust in Mid Flight

Inspecting a damaged building after an earthquake or during a fire is exactly the kind of job that human rescuers
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Assessing Safety of Fusion Energy

Harnessing nuclear fusion to help meet earth’s energy needs, is a step closer after researchers showed using two types of
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Performance Tests for Drones, Pilots

Tracking the spread of a wildfire, searching for a missing person, or detecting toxic fumes after an explosion before sending
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Facial Recognition Software Quality Advancing

Over the last four years, facial recognition software got 20 times better at searching a database to find a matching
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Photonic Sensors Survive Radiation Doses

Test results show a promising class of sensors can end up used in high-radiation environments, which could advance medical, industrial
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Human Side of Cyber-Physical Systems

Smart cities are continuing their growth curve and that means the cyber-physical relationship will need to get stronger at the
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Next-Gen Security for IoT

From smart TVs, phones and home appliances to health care monitors and manufacturing process controls, there will be more than
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