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Precise Beam Could Boost Nuclear Security

A compact technique for producing beams of high-energy photons (particles of light) with precisely controlled energy and direction could “see”
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Grants to Develop Reliable, Resilient Grid

Two Iowa State University electrical engineers earned $2.6 million in grants to help improve the United States’ power grid. The
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Nuclear Threat Detection gets Sharper

Taking inspiration from an unusual source, the science of scintillators — objects that detect nuclear threats – has greatly improved.
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Plugging a Critical Infrastructure Hole

Protecting our infrastructure isn’t just about preventing malicious attacks, it could also be about mitigating the damage of natural disasters.
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Pushing for a Cyber Secure Car

Automobile security is weak and, as been shown at countless security events over the years, they are hackable to the
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Pressure-Based Sensors can Detect Pollution

When it comes to testing for environmental pollution, food contaminants and even cancer, traditional sensors can help, but the problem
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Robots Give a View of Pipelines

When it comes to the expensive, claustrophobic and sometimes dangerous work of inspecting natural gas and oil pipelines, robots can
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Nanoparticles, Magnets Remove Oil from Water

When oil mixes with or enters into water, conventional methods of cleaning the water and removing the oil can be
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Remotely Detecting Radioactive Substances

There is a new method to remotely detect hazardous radioactive substances. With the help of this newly-developed detection device, the
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