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eBook Part 2: Remediating Identified Risk and Reducing Future Risk

Are you equipped to prioritize and address the cyber security risks in your industrial control environment? Honeywell offers a free eBook to help you remediate identified risks and reduce future risks.

Download now to learn more about:
Risk tolerance and risk appetite
• Where to focus your risk management efforts
• How to remediate risks
• How to minimize vulnerabilities and threats
• Where to put the right controls

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There is no doubt security experts were well aware of the potential threat to systems as soon as open systems and interoperability were in full operation a decade or so ago, but that is now also becoming abundantly clear to executives running the business – and they need something done.

Instead of continuously reacting to the onslaught of security incidents, battle-tested security professionals continue to stress the importance of building a solid security program.

With what once could be construed as science fiction, the cold hard reality is futuristic attack scenarios are here and hitting the industry.

That is why it is imperative to know and reduce risk by staying ahead of advanced cyber threats.

Learn how to stay ahead through this informative eGuide.

Safety and security work hand in hand in the manufacturing automation arena. As cyber attacks get more sophisticated and costly, there is a growing need to elevate security awareness to the same level as safety – ensuring not only a safe, but also a secure manufacturing environment.

Let’s face it, security awareness today suffers from an identity crisis at manufacturing facilities across the globe. Big, small or anything in between, there is a general lack of understanding of security best practices.

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