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Enabling Business Through Safety, Security

By Gregory Hale
An oil platform stood silently awash in the Gulf of Mexico waves a short time ago
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Proactive Mgt. of Safety Systems Saves Lives, Time, Money

Continuously monitoring process safety systems during the life of a facility is key to a company’s success and safety. Companies
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Becoming More Proactive About Functional Safety

Companies need to build functional safety into every phase of their systems. When it comes to functional safety, high-risk manufacturing
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Long-Term: Considering Total Cost Of Ownership

Facilities can right size their safety systems by considering nuisance trips, maintenance costs and other related issues. Purchasing a safety
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Can You Future-Proof a Control System?

How much has the world changed since you installed your automation system? If you installed a DCS 20-years ago, the
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Survey: Safety, Security Working Together

Starting up a security program can appear daunting, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just look
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Webcast: Aligning Security with Safety Survey

Steve Elliott, Senior Director Process Automation Division Schneider Electric, and Gregory Hale, Founder/Editor ISSSource share survey results and offer insights
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Webcast: Aligning Cyber Security with Safety Reduces Risk

Does Aligning Cyber Security and Process Safety Approaches Reduce Risk? That question and more were answered during an informative webcast
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Safety and Security Self Assessment

Answer these 15 simple “yes or no” questions. At the end we’ll ask for your email address in order to
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For Cyber Security Guidance, Look to Process Safety

Operational safety experts have been developing and testing process safety designs for more than thirty years. Cyber security, on the
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