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Ransomware Took DC Cameras Offline

Ransomware continues to creep in areas not usually thought of such as 66 percent of police Internet-connected CCTV cameras in
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Companies Not Ready for Attacks: Report

Companies’ cyber resilience is down slightly from last year, a new report found. Thirty-two percent of IT and security professionals
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Decrypter Released for New Ransomware

A decrypter released for a newly spotted ransomware family called Alma Locker. Alma Locker is more advanced than all the
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Westermo Switch Issue Updated

Westermo created an update for a hard-coded certificate vulnerability in its industrial switches that allows the web interface certificate to
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New Ransomware Decrypter Available

New versions of ransomware continue to hit the market and they level of severity for each variant varies. The good
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CA Oil Pipelines Need Safety Devices

Plains All American must install a range of safety features on the oil pipelines that fouled a California beach before
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8 Coal Plants Shutting Down in MI

Eight coal-fired units at three power plants in Michigan will shut down over the next seven years. The units will
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Google Patches Android, Qualcomm Holes

Android operating system security update released patching 40 vulnerabilities. Of all the vulnerabilities, there were eight critical, 28 high and
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Updated Tor Browser Releases

The Tor Project released version 6.0 of its famous privacy-first Web browser, based on the Firefox 45-ESR release. The browser
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Standards for Productivity and Profit

Knowing Safety, Security Standards Help Executives Make Right Business Decisions
By Gregory Hale
One refinery was running a
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