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A Year in Vulnerabilities

In 2017, Dragos tracked 163 vulnerability advisories with an industrial control system (ICS) impact. Of these, the majority were vulnerabilities
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Russian Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure

By Heather MacKenzie and Moreno Carullo
The U.S. government just released an important cybersecurity alert that confirms Russian government
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A Year in Threats

Last year represented a defining year in ICS security: Two major and unique ICS-disruptive attackers were revealed; five distinct activity
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Year in Hunting and Responding

By Ben Miller
This past year has shown that industrial attacks are being commoditized through new malware with real-world
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Fighting Through OT Language Barrier

By Gabe Authier
Securing industrial operations is a unique challenge. The same approach used to secure information technology (IT)
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Manufacturers Still Behind Security Curve

By Eric Ehlers
Growth of cybersecurity attacks continues to rise in the operations technology (OT) sector, but assaults should
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Fixing Human Attack Surface

By Jeff Lund
Like many specialized disciplines, the world of cybersecurity is filled with technical jargon that can hamper
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Detecting Moves Leading to Attack

By Robert Albach
Casual observers of sporting news can be forgiven for thinking that all sporting events are comprised
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Cybersecurity Outlook for a New Year

By Leo Simonovich
This past year saw the biggest ransomware attack ever when ‘WannaCry’ hit more than 200,000 victims
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Spectre, Meltdown ICS Impact

By Chris Grove
Spectre and Meltdown are two newly discovered vulnerabilities that affect hardware running in the majority of
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