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Cybersecurity Canadian Style

By Jason Maynard
At the CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters) “Dare to Compete” event in Winnipeg, Canada, likeminded people
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Safety Development Over Time

By Warren Spiers
Although there may be something charming about manually operated tools for both domestic and commercial purposes,
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Protecting the Production Line

By Anne Klebsch
Manufacturing is a very competitive market to be in. It has undergone several evolutions in recent
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How to Address Plant Floor Data Security Threats

By Dave Cronberger
In order to fully understand data passing through an industrial network, one needs to take a
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Reverse Engineering GreyEnergy Malware

By Alessandro Di Pinto
It’s important for those defending critical and industrial infrastructure to share knowledge and stay up-to-date
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Metrics for an Effective Cybersecurity Program

By Eric Cosman
Previous discussions have looked at how to define and implement cybersecurity programs based on guidance and
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SOC Central: Combining IT, OT

By Heather MacKenzie
With the responsibility to keep their companies ahead of all enterprise-wide threats, CIOs or CISOs certainly
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Video Safeguard’s Manufacturing Facilities

By Jumbi Edulbehram
One of the biggest challenges for companies that operate industrial facilities — factories, manufacturers, warehouses, loading
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Intent-Based Industrial Networks

By Dave Cronberger
Manufacturing networks today are massive and pass quite a bit of unutilized data. These networks also
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NC City Tightens Water Security

By Joe Scotto
The City of Raleigh needed an industrial security solution that could detect attacks, identify threats and
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