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Benefits of Virtualization

Visibility into Network Allows for Cost Savings, Reduced Downtime
A manufacturing executive’s goals are simple in the end: Increase
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Wireless Reshaping IT/OT Network

Wireless has been a part of networking for more than a decade, so it isn’t a new thing for network
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Virtualizing Network: Benefits, Challenges

Virtualization has significant benefits both in computing and in networking. This is especially true in OT networking and control systems,
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IT/OT Convergence – Bridging the Gap

What will it take? Will Operational Technology (OT) disappear as we know it today – morphed into the Informational Technology
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Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report

All companies are hosting malware of some kind, a new survey found. One hundred percent of companies end up calling
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20 Critical Cybersecurity Controls eBook

Systems today are all about staying up and running and remaining safe and secure.

To help along those lines, a new eBook called “20 Critical Cybersecurity Controls: Key Considerations for Industrial Control Systems” is now out to help manufacturing automation practitioners make systems safer, regardless of industry or system type.

The automation of these 20 Controls will radically lower the cost of security while improving its effectiveness. Industrial Defender examined the 20 critical cybersecurity controls for key considerations when they end up applied to industrial control systems.

This eBook will help readers understand how automated data collection helps measure effectiveness of the controls to ensure a sustainable security posture.

The ICS Cybersecurity Lifecycle

With the ever changing threats posed by cyber events of any nature, it has become critical to recognize these emerging
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CoDeSys Vulnerabilities Analysis

A number of security vulnerabilities in the CoDeSys Control Runtime System were disclosed in January 2012. In October 2012, fully
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Integrated Safety: Hiking Effectiveness

Throughout oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. Southwest, safety systems that have been working
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White Paper: Energy Grid a Prime Target

If a rogue state, terrorist, or malcontent wanted to debilitate a major city or even an entire country, how could
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