Chevron Settlement in for UT Fuel Spill

Friday, February 7, 2014 @ 03:02 PM gHale

The Chevron Pipe Line Company reached a $5.35 million settlement with Utah state officials from a 27,500-gallon diesel fuel spill at Willard Bay State Park last March.

The three-part agreement is between the Division of Water Quality (DWQ), Division of Parks and Recreation and Chevron.

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The Utah Division of Water Quality will consider mitigation projects “that will enhance the natural environment and benefit Utah citizens” through May 5.

A two-phase process will evaluate proposals and select projects for funding. Proposals must meet specified criteria and be in the appropriate format. Requirements for proposals and application forms are available on DWQ’s website.

The largest total, $4.45 million, will be for mitigation projects and includes a $719,000 credit for Chevron for projects already completed.

Future projects at Willard Bay will get $600,000 from the $4.45 million.

Walt Baker, director of the Utah Division of Water Quality, said in December the remaining money will be for mitigation projects selected by his agency and could include areas not directly impacted by the spill.

Chevron will pay a civil penalty of $350,000 to DWQ, and $550,000 will go to the Department of Natural Resources and Utah State Parks for the lost use of the marina and campgrounds during the spill and the cleanup.

“We appreciate the work done by DWQ and Chevron in negotiating the settlement,” said Fred Hayes, director of Utah State Parks. “We feel the settlement adequately addresses the problems caused by the spill.”

Chevron no longer owns the pipeline that runs from Salt Lake City to Spokane, WA.

Tesoro Corporation now owns the line running through Willard Bay State Park.

Chevron had previous fines of $426,600 for spills equaling 54,600 gallons on Red Butte Creek in Salt Lake City.

The company also spent about $43 million in cleanup and mitigation in neighborhoods and at Liberty Park.

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