Chrome 17 Patches Security Holes

Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 06:03 PM gHale

Google released version 17.0.963.83 of its Chrome web browser, a maintenance update that closes several security holes and fixes issues with Flash games.

The Stable channel update addresses nine vulnerabilities, six of which rate as “high severity.”

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These include an integer issue in libpng (the official PNG reference library), a memory corruption problem in WebGL canvas handling and a cross-origin violation related to “magic iframe,” as well as use-after-free errors in first-letter handling, CSS cross-fade handling and block splitting. One medium-risk invalid read in the V8 JavaScript engine and two low-risk problems related to WebUI privileges and unpacked extension installation are also in the clear.

As part of its Chromium Security Vulnerability Rewards program, Google paid security researchers $5,500 for discovering and reporting the holes. The company is withholding any additional details about the vulnerabilities until “a majority of users are up-to-date with the fix.”

The developers also note they fixed a low severity issue related to the extension web request API in a previous release.

Further information about the update is on the Google Chrome Releases blog. Chrome 17.0.963.83 is available to download from for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux; alternatively, existing users can upgrade using the built-in update function.

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