Cyber Security Fellows Program

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 @ 04:10 PM gHale

Security provider NexDefense created the NexDefense ICS Cybersecurity Fellows Program.

Together with NexDefense, the Fellows will help educate and raise awareness of cyber security issues facing industry’s critical control systems operating in critical infrastructure facilities around the world.

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In addition, Eric Byres, co-founder and chief technology officer of Belden’s Tofino Security and an expert in the field of process control and SCADA system cyber security, joined NexDefense as a strategic technology advisor and Senior Fellow.

“The NexDefense Industrial Cybersecurity Fellows Program assembles highly recognizable and well respected industrial security practitioners, consultants and advisors and allows each to speak as part of a larger cohesive unit,” said Doug Wylie CISSP, vice president product marketing and strategy at NexDefense.

Members of the NexDefense Fellows Program will independently share their professional perspectives on security topics relevant to the ICS industry, including how security risks to industrial control systems can end up reduced or avoided altogether.

Joining the Fellows program are:
Eric Byres, SCADA and ICS security product visionary, president Byres Security Consulting, ISA Fellow, co-founder and former CTO of Tofino Security. “Every digital system on which we depend has become an integral part of our connected world. This is especially true for the many industrial control systems (ICS) that produce power, move clean water and manufacture goods. The NexDefense Fellows Program will serve as a useful outlet to discuss the positive and negative consequences of today’s hyper-connectivity to these critical systems,” Byres said.

Michael Chipley, PhD., president, The PMC Group, consultant and respected contributor to NIST cyber security guidelines and best practices including the Cybersecurity Framework and SP 800-82 R2. “Connected devices are at the core of building automation subsystems that provide services such as fire and physical security protection, heating and ventilation and automated lighting control, all of which are actively converging with business enterprise and industrial control systems,” Chipley said.

Eric Cornelius, director of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems (ICS), Cylance, previously deputy director, control systems security program, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). “Electronic perimeters alone cannot adequately protect control systems from attackers intent on stealing data, damaging equipment, or compromising the process itself. The NexDefense Fellows program will help open up discussions on security issues to more people from industry, raising awareness of what can be done to better protect people and processes from harm,” Cornelius said.

Bryan Singer, principal investigator, Kenexis Consulting Corp., and former Chairman ISA99. “The most successful industrial automation risk management programs are built on a foundation that recognizes safety and security are inextricably linked,” Singer said. “While only a few companies have truly embraced this philosophy to date, others are still struggling with where to start.”

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