Data Diode Technology Licensed

Friday, October 2, 2015 @ 03:10 PM gHale

Lock Data Solutions just licensed Data Diode technology from Oak Ridge National Laboratory designed to protect a company’s data from internal and external threats.

Data Diode, developed by ORNL’s Lawrence MacIntyre and Nate Paul, uses a defense-in-depth computer network strategy to create an environment in which an organization’s approved users can work freely inside an enclave of protected data but restricts file transfers outside the network.

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Donald McGuire, chief executive at Lock Data Solutions, said the technology is a perfect fit for his company, noting his management team consists of professionals who have enjoyed commercial success with various technologies, including a secured wireless communication technology for the Navy. After picking up the license, he will bring to market the company’s Lock Data CounterX, a software suite that includes ORNL’s Data Diode technology.

“With the help of the technology being licensed today, we expect to create a sea change in the balance of power between those protecting data and those seeking to steal it,” McGuire said.

Armed with CounterX, an intruder who has penetrated the network can see the protected information but cannot download the actual data, McGuire said. And during the time it takes the intruder to search for a way around the obstacle, the network’s detection can locate and thwart the malicious intent of the intruder.

“Hackers are going to get in,” said Paul, a member of ORNL’s Cyber and Information Security Research group. “Employees can accidentally put confidential data at risk. The ORNL Data Diode addresses this problem by restricting important data from being copied out of network, thereby alleviating and alerting such specific and unauthorized activities.”

Paul said banks are vulnerable and have trusted consumer data including social security numbers, addresses and birth dates. A recent breach compromised data for 76 million households.

Lock Data Solutions LLC, located in New York City, is a technology company dedicated to bringing cutting edge solutions to cloud and network cyber security.

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