EHS: Rockwell Names Safety Leaders

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 @ 03:10 PM gHale

By Gregory Hale
Excellence in safety is a very hard goal to accomplish. To get there everyone within an organization has to understand the program and be on same page at all times. Workers can’t take off a day.

Along those lines, Rockwell Automation Wednesday named four organizations as recipients of its third annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards at the EHS Today Safety Leadership Conference in Greenville, SC.

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This year’s winners are The Clorox Co., The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC) for their leadership in applying a holistic approach to safety maturity across their organizations.

“We studied the attributes of the best companies and what these award winners did is so right,” said Mark Eitzman, safety market development manager, Rockwell Automation. “They’ve gone beyond approaching safety as a means to maintain compliance, and are embracing it at every level to achieve overall business goals.”

Achieve overall business goals is becoming more of a factor in the industry these days. It is not enough to just be a safety-conscious company. Instead, you also have to enable business value the organization.

The Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards honor companies that make workplace safety a core business value by building a comprehensive program based on a strong safety culture, well-executed compliance procedures, and effective use of contemporary safeguarding and automation technology through capital investments.

The Clorox Company is a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods, Clorox makes collaboration between engineering and EHS inherent in every safety project because safety has become ingrained in the company’s culture.

“Clorox’s mission is to make every day life better every day,” said Jeff Deel, electrical instrumentation and controls engineering manager, Clorox. “Safety is a core value, not a priority because priorities sometimes shift. We always say, let’s do the right thing.”

Tracy Glover, corporate safety and health client manager for the specialty division, couldn’t agree more.

“We are always trying to do the right thing. We do a lot of our improvements through automation,” he said.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber is a global tire manufacturer that has taken a proactive approach to safety by creating a corporate culture that values the wellness and safety of its employees, continually driving toward a goal of zero incidents and injuries. To help achieve this, engineering and EHS teams in manufacturing facilities around the world collaborate during all stages of introducing any new or retrofitted equipment or plants, from the design phase until final sign-off by the EHS team.

“What we do at Goodyear is we look at the culture and how it is evolving,” said Dennis McGavis, global vice president, EHS and sustainability. “We also continue to establish a policy of no injuries. We continue to stress that no one ever goes home with and injury.”

Kimberly-Clark is a producer of personal care paper products, and it has a long-standing commitment to safety improvement and the health of its employees as one of the founders of the National Safety Council.

The company also continues to achieve safety improvements through its R.E.A.L. strategy, which addresses safety from all angles, including risk mitigation, EHS management systems, accountability and leadership.

“We have a rooted background in safety,” said Peter Shen, occupational safety and hygiene technical leader. “We go beyond compliance. We want to use safety for continuous improvement. We want to achieve continuous improvement. We believe in safety accountability for everyone.”

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) is a manufacturer of tissue converting, packaging, envelope, nonwoven and flexographic printing technology and machines, PCMC has made functional safety an integral part of its machine design process.

“We measure our success by how we touch lives,” said Jill Thiede, strategic account manager at PCMC. “We have developed a culture where our employees go home safely and we provide machines for our customers so they can go home safely.”

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