Fish Plant Restarts after Fatal Blast

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 @ 03:08 PM gHale

Omega Protein resumed operations following the July 28 fatal explosion at its fish processing facility in Moss Point, MS, company spokesman Ben Landry said.

“The reopening of the plant came after the comprehensive inspection of the equipment in the plant,” he said.

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The company’s fishing vessels resumed their normal fishing operations Wednesday night, Landry said, and the plant should begin processing when the vessels return to the facility.

Jerry Lee Taylor II, 25, died, and three other subcontractors suffered injuries, with one serious.

The contract workers were working near the plant’s fish oil storage tanks when one of the five tanks exploded just before 9:30 a.m., authorities said at the time.

It could be a while before investigators piece together the series of events that caused the fatal explosion.

The company operates a menhaden, or pogy, fishing fleet and processing facility in Moss Point.

It produces fish oils and fish meal for human consumption and for use in aquaculture, agriculture and industrial applications.

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