HazMat Leak Forces 11 to Hospital

Monday, July 9, 2018 @ 05:07 PM gHale

Eleven people ended up rushed to Chicago hospitals after a hazardous materials leak of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide at a meatpacking plant last Monday.

Emergency crews were called July 2 to the Battaglia Foodservice Distributors plant in an industrial area in the city’s Lower West Side district.

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About 25 workers were in the plant at the time, said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Merritt. He says those taken to hospitals had non-life-threatening injuries.

Merritt said the leak came from machinery at the plant believed to have been caused by human error.

A valve apparently was left open to a tank that contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas, officials said.

No surrounding businesses ended up evacuated and firefighters used fans to ventilate the building.

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