Jailbreak: New iPad a Victim

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @ 06:03 PM gHale

The new iPad just hit the market and hackers said they have figured out a way to bypass Apple’s technical restrictions and install unauthorized applications.

Apple forbids installing applications it has not approved, but hackers have found ways to “jailbreak” devices, or modify the code to allow unauthorized programs from alternative application stores.

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With an increase in the use of mobile devices throughout the manufacturing automation industry, users need to beware of the possible security issues.

There are three different methods to jailbreak the latest Apple iOS 5.1 software, and videos and screenshots posted over the weekend showed the hacks, according to the Dev-Team, which developed the first jailbreak tool.

In January, the tool Absinthe A5 released, which could jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad running software versions just before iOS 5.1. It took about 10 months to develop due to the difficulty the hacking group GreenPois0n found in trying to find a way to exploit the A5 processor.

While jailbreaking an Apple device is legal, the company discourages the practice. If technicians at Apple’s store detect a device has been jailbroken, they will refuse to work on it, saying the tampering voids the warranty.

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