Illinois’ Nuke Inspections Not Proper

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 @ 03:03 PM gHale

Four of Illinois power plants were not properly inspected by the state Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), according to a new report out by the state auditor general.

IEPA said quite a few of their workers simply didn’t know how to do the inspections.

“We didn’t have staff trained in how to do this, we now do have fully trained staff and have added another staff person and all the inspections are being done, per the new law,” said IEPA Spokesman Dennis McMurrary.

In 2008, a new law required the IEPA to do quarterly safety inspections.

Their role is to check records and see if wells containing radio active material are leaking any toxic liquid. A danger McMurray said never came to fruition.

“I’m not aware of any danger or even any contamination of wells,” said McMurray.

While the state was asleep at the wheel, at least one plant was on their toes. The Byron Station Power Plant conducted their own inspections.

“Byron Station had zero reportable environmental events in 2010 and our records are always available at any time for state inspections,” Byron officials said in a statement.

Byron officials stress that their plant routinely monitors their system, and that since the IEPA started conducting quarterly inspections, the station has had zero reported environmental events.

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