Metal Processing Firm Faces Safety Fines

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 @ 03:10 PM gHale

New Boston, MI-based SET Enterprises Inc. faces $102,600 in fines for exposing workers to amputation hazards, said officials at the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

Inspectors found 10 citations, three repeated and five serious, where the company failed to train workers on potential hazards and safe operation of machines; ensure proper machine guarding; and provide workers with gloves designed to prevent cuts.

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The serious violations were an inadequately guarded pinch point approximately 3-feet by 10-inches on the Herr Voss Stamco Syncro Line Rolls between the top and bottom of the frame.

In addition, there was no point of operation guard on the rear side of the Ace press when employees are performing 2-side out cuts.

Also, an employee was not trained on the hazards of the re-coiler on the Braner 60-inch slitter.

In addition, employees required to handle metal were provided gloves not suitable for repeated contact with oily sharp metal pieces coming off a blanking press.

Also, employees assigned to remove scrap from the Ace Press Basement did not install a lock on the press.

The repeat violations include: Various sized oily metal shards/cuttings from the Ace Press are allowed to accumulate to a depth of 12 inches or more in the pit. Employees are required to stand on the metal cuttings for cleaning of the pit.

Piler cart wheels of the Ace Press were exposed and created in-running nip points when the piler cart exited piler pits.

There was a hinged guard propped open with a piece of metal on the rear side of the Stamco slitter squaring shear, near the operator station that allowed access to the point of operation.

There were also two other than serious violations.

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