Netgear Updates Router Firmware

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 @ 06:03 PM gHale

Netgear released new firmware package developed for its R7500v2 Nighthawk X4 Smart Router.

The new firmware removes a bug that prevented the device from receiving an IP address when the DHCP server changes.

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Netgear Updates Router Firmware
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The release also allows ReadyCLOUD to download files that include “[“ or “]” characters, makes sure more than 10 keyword entries can add in the Block Sites page, and fixes PPTP setup failures that prompt an “Incorrect ISP username and password” message.

Moreover, firmware also resolves certain PPPOE or PPPOA disconnection issues, and fixes several IPv6-related problems.

If you want to use the updates, write down all the settings changed from the default values, save and extract the downloadable archive onto an accessible location, and establish a wired connection between the router and the computer storing the firmware file.

Then the user should log into the R7500v2’s web user interface, go to ADVANCED tab > Administration > Firmware Upgrade, browse and select the newly-extracted .trx file, hit “Upload,” and wait as the router does the rest.

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