New Video Shows Stuxnet Infecting System

Friday, October 15, 2010 @ 06:10 PM gHale

By Gregory Hale
Security professionals in the manufacturing automation sector know the Stuxnet worm can be a big problem. But that is all they know, but just how does Stuxnet work? What can happen after the worm infilitrates a system?
Joel Langill, security consultant and staff engineer at ENGlobal Automation Group shows in a demonstration just what can happen.
“I am showing the basic installation and injection methods of Stuxnet actually performed on top of a Siemens PCS7 platform,” Langill said. “I plan to put together a few more of these that provide a more general overview of the threat including some non-USB propagation methods and how the C&C works, as well as some of the additional attack vectors used by the worm.”
To view the demonstration please click on Langill’s demonstration.
Trying to understand Stuxnet is an important issue for security professionals to stay on top of, so they can continue to remain on step ahead of the bad guys.
Earlier this week in a story on ISSSource, Eric Byres, chief technical officer at Byres Security, talked about a white paper that gives more details on prevention/mitigation techniques users can do to protect computers running supported Windows operating systems and older unsupported systems that cannot be patched. Click here for Byres white paper.

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