NH Ball Bearing Firm to Pay Penalty

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 @ 10:12 AM gHale

New Hampshire Ball Bearings agreed to pay a $150,000 penalty for a factory explosion in Peterborough, NH, that blew out windows and injured 15 people last year.

The Attorney General’s Office and Department of Environmental Services said $5,000 will end up used to help local first responders to continue a program the company voluntarily undertook shortly after the February 2014 accident. The remaining $145,000 will go to a dedicated hazardous waste fund.

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A tank containing acid used to treat ball bearings ended up emptied into a drum that may have held an incompatible substance such as isopropyl alcohol, state officials said.

The ensuing reaction caused pressure to build up inside the sealed drum, leading to an explosion.

Officials said the company promptly resolved all compliance issues.

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