Pipeline Fails Test, Leaks Dyed Water

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 @ 11:09 AM gHale

An equipment failure resulted in a leak while testing the Enbridge Energy Pipeline 2B near Floodwood, MN, Wednesday.

The equipment failure occurred while crews were preparing for a hydrostatic dye testing on a pipeline segment at 7 p.m. Wednesday, said Shannon Gustafson, an Enbridge spokeswoman in the Twin Ports. There were no injuries in the incident and workers recovered all of the released water, she added.

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About 700 barrels of test water — an estimated 29,400 gallons —released in the leak, which ended up contained on Enbridge’s property, Gustafson said.

Crews were on site at the time of the incident and the leak and a maintenance crew went to the site to complete repairs. Gustafson said as of Thursday afternoon, crews were finalizing cleanup and environmental assessments and the appropriate regulatory authorities received notification.

Enbridge used colored dye to test Pipeline 2B from Clearbrook, MN, to Superior last week. The leak will slightly delay the hydrostatic testing of the pipeline in the Floodwood area, but the testing is continuing in other sections of the pipeline Thursday, Gustafson said.

During the test, Enbridge raised the pressure in the pipeline to above-normal levels to ensure the line is safe. Enbridge crews, stationed along the line, look for any escaped colored water. Workers removed oil from the line and the line flushed before the dye testing began, according to Gustafson. There wasn’t a specific problem or spill that triggered the dye test, according to Gustafson.

The 26-inch-diameter Line 2B first came online in 1954 and carries light crude oil from western Alberta to Superior.

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