Reliability Up, Costs Down with Filling Transmitter

Thursday, March 3, 2011 @ 05:03 PM gHale

A new Micro Motion Filling Mass Transmitter is ready for any process that requires high-speed, high-accuracy filling or dosing, said officials at Emerson Process Management.

Utilizing Micro Motion MVD (multivariable digital) technology, the Micro Motion Filling Mass Transmitter with a Micro Motion Coriolis sensor can work for a variety of linear and rotary filling machines across the life sciences, food and beverage, and chemical industries. The Filling Mass Transmitter can handle extremely fast fills (less than one second) and challenging fluids such as those with entrained air, suspended solids, or high viscosity. Integrated valve control reduces external processing and increases accuracy.

Following a trial of Micro Motion meters, Mike Mihalik, Vice President of Engineering at Pneumatic Scale Angelus, said “the results with Micro Motion Coriolis filling meters were higher efficiency by improved reliability — 10,000 containers per shift vs. 8,000 with older, less reliable filling technology.”

Digital communications provide continuous monitoring of density and temperature for real-time quality control, and enable “on the fly” changes to fill target or recipe.

The Automatic Overshoot Compensation (AOC) feature automatically adjusts valve management to compensate for changes in process conditions such as delivery pressure and fluid characteristics.

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