Skype a Malware Attack Vector

Monday, November 5, 2012 @ 11:11 AM gHale

Skype is becoming yet another attack vector as cyber criminals at the beginning of October started spreading malware via messages such as “lol is this your new profile pic” to trick users into clicking on malicious links.

The problem is, users would click on these links and that just led to an infected computer, security experts said.

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While the infection rate has dropped since it first started, the malware developers are continuing their push to infect more systems, researchers said. The threats known are W32.IRCBot.NG and W32.Phopifas.

The infection routine remains unchanged, but the developers have added new hosts from where the victim can download the malware, researchers at Symantec said.

Furthermore, W32.IRCBot.NG is capable of stealing passwords for file-hosting sites, and several new languages added in can ensure the malware can target a wider range of users.

Some malicious modules are on virtual server services and one of the URLs is even on the Top 100 downloads section of a ranking website.

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