Statseeker Version 4.0 Now Available

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 @ 12:09 PM gHale

Statseeker just released Version 4.0, which delivers real-time visibility right to the edge of the network no matter how big the infrastructure.

Statseeker’s network infrastructure monitoring solution was designed with technology and features that address a continual network migration.

IT networks today are large and complex. It is not easy to analyze the millions of inter-related data points that constantly race around your ever-expanding network. Add to this complexity the fact the industry is in an early, but deliberate move to the virtualization of everything as applications and data move fluidly between hosts, and get distributed across vast locations.

With the release of Statseeker Version 4.0 you retain all features of previous versions with the added value of:
• Multiple Dashboard Configuration – Statseeker users can now configure multiple dashboards and choose which to display.
• Advanced Reporting with Customizable OID Support – New advanced reporting feature provides access to your network’s performance metrics in real-time. It allows users to submit device walks and receive customized polling configurations to support monitoring of metrics.
• RESTful Data Export API – Version 4.0 incorporates a new RESTful API for Statseeker data export. This new outbound web based API query engine allows users with specific data extraction requirements to query and retrieve information from Statseeker in real-time.
• 95th Percentile Usage Reporting – In conjunction with the interface utilization reporting, you can also report on your 95th percentile usage. Statseeker now allows you to plot your 95% usage lines against your defined interface usage reports.
• Increased VM Interface – Statseeker now supports up to 150,000 interfaces from a virtual machine environment allowing customers to scale more effectively.

For further information on the new features of Statseeker Version 4.0 please refer to: New in Statseeker Version 4.0.

To take advantage of the full range of new features available download the Version 4.0 Free Evaluation.

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