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Monday, August 1, 2011 @ 05:08 PM gHale

Industrial Defender unveiled System Assurance Services for customers in critical infrastructure sectors, including utilities, chemical, water, and oil and gas.

These new offerings, part of the company’s Sustainability Services portfolio, provide customers the means to drive continuous security and compliance without taxing in-house resources.

The increasingly sophisticated threat environment, coupled with growing complexity in managing regulatory and internal policy requirements, can stress critical infrastructure operators’ ability to sustain security and compliance.

The System Assurance Services program provides the expertise to maintain a rigorous security and compliance posture, while ensuring the user focuses scarce resources on its core competencies.

“For critical infrastructure owners, it is imperative that security and compliance management programs are sustained over time. Failing to maintain an optimal security posture creates risk for any number of security, compliance or operational objectives,” said Brian Ahern, president and chief executive at Industrial Defender. “By leveraging our expertise and resources, customers can ensure continual program rigor while maintaining focus on core operational requirements, such as system reliability and availability.”

The new program offers services for the Monitoring, Managing and Protecting.

System Assurance for Monitoring: This is a security event management-based offering and includes automation system agent technology. The solution delivers real-time security and health activity monitoring to quickly discover and respond to events having an impact on security, compliance and operational efficiency.

The program provides on-site installation of firmware and anti-virus updates. Users also receive an overall review of the solution’s health, support in managing user accounts and updated tuning of the system, including new rules and templates. In addition, they provide solution training.

System Assurance for Managing: The Manage solution leverages security event and compliance management technology, along with automation system agents, to manage and report on critical system attributes such as configurations, patch status, and user accounts, among others.

The plan provides ongoing support of a compliance management technology implementation including re-baselining of system software, patches, ports and services to sustain ongoing compliance. The service also delivers updates on report subscriptions and validation of automation assets integrated into the solution.

System Assurance for Protecting: This program delivers host intrusion prevention capabilities alongside integrated security event, compliance management and automation system agent technology. The Protect solution prevents zero-day malware and other suspicious software from compromising critical host systems.

This plan builds on the Monitor and Manage solution services by adding capabilities associated with host intrusion prevention technology. Through this service, customers receive security policy reviews and updates; trusted change updates, including applications, users, signatures and packages; and removal of unapproved applications permeating end points.

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