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PAS Looks to Expand Security Business

PAS gained a $40 million growth investment from Tinicum, L.P. This funding round is a move to expand PAS sales
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Electronics Maker gets SHARP

From day one, management at Electronic Systems Inc. (ESI), a manufacturer in Sioux Falls, ND, focused on safety, but it
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Insurance Concern with ICS Vulnerabilities

As automation, robotics and connected networks become stronger and more relevant with energy, transportation, telecommunication and manufacturing companies, the potential
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APT Focuses on Infrastructure Firms

A group named OnionDog has been infiltrating and stealing information from the energy, transportation and other infrastructure industries of Korean-language
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Safety Alert at CT Steel Foundry

Employees at PCC Structurals-Groton faced the risk of chemical burns, fire, lacerations, amputations, electric shock and other injuries, said officials
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Mars Rover: Code Used for Espionage

Malware that has a connection to Mars? It is possible as open source libraries used in Mars Rover software are
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SAP Mfg Industry Hole Patched

SAP released patches to mitigate 16 issues, including 13 rated at “high severity.” The most common types of flaws patched
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Security Pros Confident in Attack Detection

Security professionals have high levels of confidence in their ability to detect a data breach even though they were unsure
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Fighting Off the ICS Pivot Point

By Gregory Hale
Spear phishing campaigns used in advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks and social engineering are gaining a
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