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Chrome Hole Affects Android Devices

There is an exploit in Google’s Chrome for Android that could lead to the compromise of any device. The exploit,
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IE Zero Day Part of Attack

An Internet Explorer Zero Day is a part of a new operation called SnowMan targeting U.S. military personnel. The Zero
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IE Zero Day Attacks Go Way Back

While the latest Internet Explorer Zero Day does not yet have a patch, it appears the vulnerability has been suffering
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Skype Android Vulnerability

Skype is a very popular tool used throughout the manufacturing automation sector, but watch out for a vulnerability in an
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Quick Apple iOS 7 Beta Bypass

It didn’t take long. An iPhone user in Spain who downloaded the beta version of Apple iOS 7, which came
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Botnet Builds off Ruby on Rails Bug

Patches, as mentioned countless times, should end up implemented or there could be consequences down the road. Take Ruby on
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Darkleech Attacks Add More Victims

Apache Darkleech JavaScript attacks have become more determined as they added a few hundred more websites, researchers said. There has
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Linux Kernel Bug Making Rounds

An exploit released that proves that normal, logged-in users can gain root access to the Linux kernel via an incorrectly
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New Java Vulnerabilities

There are five vulnerabilities in Java SE 7 Update 15 which, when combined, can achieve a complete sandbox bypass. The
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