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Exxon Fined for Refinery Blast

Exxon Mobil knew since 2007 an electrostatic precipitator could explode during a flammable vapor leakage and now they are facing
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Exxon Pays for NJ Refinery Contamination

Exxon Mobil will pay $225 million for contamination at refineries and other polluted sites across New Jersey under a settlement
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Exxon Mobil Pipeline Leaks in TX

Crews continued the cleanup effort Sunday from a pipeline oil leak in Marion, TX. The leak ended up discovered Wednesday
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BP Settles 4 Alaska Oil Spills

BP Exploration Alaska settled a complaint with the Alaska state and federal governments over four oil-related spills on Alaska’s North
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Safety Incidents: Finding Root of Incident

By Gregory Hale
There are times when mistakes happen time and time again and no one seems to learn
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Exxon Pays for not Following Procedures

Exxon Mobil Corp.’s will pay a $2.6 million fine for not following policies for testing and reporting risks associated with
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Exxon Charged with Dumping Fracking Waste

Exxon Mobil Corp. is facing charges of illegally dumping more than 50,000 gallons (189,000 liters) of wastewater at a shale-gas
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Suit Filed in Exxon Pipeline Spill

The Justice Department filed a joint lawsuit with Arkansas Thursday against oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp over the pipeline spill
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AR Pipeline Leak Brings in Feds

Exxon Mobil Pipeline Co. is now facing a federal corrective action order after one of its pipelines ruptured last week
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Security Focus for Exxon: People

Oil rigs and platforms have fallen victim to malware that has in the past shut them down. While all
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