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GM Urges Hackers to Report Flaws

With automobiles becoming the ultimate mobile computing device, General Motors wants security researchers to report information on vulnerabilities affecting the
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GM Fixes OnStar Vulnerability

First it was Fiat Chrysler fixing hackable automobile systems, now GM cleaned up its OnStar portal. GM went to work
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Android Platform Coming for Autos

The Android platform could soon be coming to a car near you. Google is forming Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) and
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New Plan to Secure Trade Secrets

Protecting trade secrets has always been a chore, but in today’s digital economy you can just ratchet up the intensity
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Safety Tip: GM Fixes Volt Fire Issue

General Motors is now modifying its Chevrolet Volt plug-in car to eliminate the possibility its batteries can catch on fire
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Safety Forum: Safety, Productivity in Real Time

By Gregory Hale
Talking about the theory of safety and productivity working in unison is a nice lecture for
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GM, ABB Unite on Electric Car Battery Research

Electric vehicles are coming of age and will soon be hitting the mass market. While that bodes well for the
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Global brake standards for GM

Attempting to stay one step ahead and also implementing global safety standards, General Motors will install a new brake safety
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