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Chrome Expands Safe Browsing

Google is expanding its Safe Browsing technology to take on online ads that try to scam users into divulging personal
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Android Fills Nine Security Holes

Nine Android security holes ended up plugged with the February Nexus security update, said Google officials. Of these, five vulnerabilities
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Chrome 47 Releases, Fixes Security Flaws

Chrome 47 is out and it includes 41 security fixes, including more than a dozen serious vulnerabilities, Google said. One
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Google Patches Chrome Vulnerabilities

Google released Chrome 46, which patches vulnerabilities and simplifies the security icon displayed for each website. The stable channel of
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Google Fixes Stagefright 2.0 Holes

Google updated Nexus devices to fix critical security vulnerabilities in the media playback engine in Android, called Stagefright 2.0. The
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Android 5 Lockscreen Flaw Fixed

Google fixed a lockscreen bypass vulnerability for mobile devices running any Android 5 version, which an attacker could easily exploit,
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Chrome Release Fixes Security Holes

Google released Chrome 45 for Windows, Mac, and Linux this week, patching 29 vulnerabilities. Ten of the 29 security issues
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Google Patches Android Mediaserver Flaw

Google patched a new Android vulnerability which was from a problem in the mobile operating system’s mediaserver component. The vulnerability,
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Chrome Update Fixes 43 Holes

Google released Chrome version 44.0.2403.89 for Windows, Mac, and Linux to patch 43 security issues. Exploitation of one of these
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