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Hackers Hit Bitstamp, Steal Emails

The Bitcoin exchange service Bitstamp suffered from a hack, but it remains unclear as to what the attackers stole, other
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Adobe Hack Bigger than Thought

The attack against Adobe earlier this month was larger than the company originally let on. As the investigation started up,
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Avira Confirms ISP Hack

Two antivirus firms and one mobile messaging service had their websites attacked by Palestinian hackers of KDSM Team. The defaced
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Online Service Hacked

An online service that enables users to store and sync all kinds of data across multiple devices, Evernote, suffered an
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Hacks Hit Big Firms

Two fairly big hacks occurred last week as and customer service software provider Zendesk were victims of separate attacks.
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Invensys: People Vital Security Measure

By Gregory Hale
Technology is vital and so are policies and procedures, but the true backbone behind a solid
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Sony Hacked Again

Sony seems to have fallen into the grips of a group of hackers as they said they took control of
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Blizzard Confirms Hack Attempt

Blizzard’s internal network suffered a breach, but the “unauthorized and illegal access” is now closed off, and an investigation started.
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Nissan Hit by Breach

Nissan Motor Co.’s information systems suffered from a hack attack. So far, the company doesn’t know who the hackers were,
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