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S. Korea Nuke Program Held Hostage

A hacker appears to be holding South Korea’s nuclear program for ransom, saying he wants money to keep the stolen
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Anonymous Hacker gets 10 Years

The Anonymous hacker who earlier this year pleaded guilty to conspiracy and hacking charges regarding breach of Strategic Forecasting, will
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Hackers can Forge Java Security

In Java 7 Update 21, Oracle introduced a system that warns users if they are about to execute an app
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Wireless Phone Hack can Block Calls

Slightly adjusting the firmware on certain kinds of phones, a hacker could block other phones in the area from receiving
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Creating ATM Device: Behind Bars

A Romanian hacker serving five years in prison for working with a criminal gang that planted ATM skimmers and stole
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Routers Contain Security Holes

Thirteen popular home and small office routers contain security problems that could allow a hacker to snoop or modify network
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Sony Hacker gets 1 Year in Slammer

The LulzSec hacker who admitted in April 2012 to breaching Sony Pictures Entertainment is getting one year in prison. Cody
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Jailed Hacker Takes IT Course; Hacks System

A hacker doing time in the UK for hacking, ended up taking an IT course the prison offers inmates to
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