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Microsoft Brings Checked C to Open Source

Microsoft brought Checked C, an extension to the C programming language that brings new features to address a series of
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APT Attacker’s Malware of Choice

An advanced persistent threat (APT) attacker has been using a piece of malware that leverages DNS requests for command and
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SAS: Security a ‘Workable Problem’

By Gregory Hale
The Banking industry is under a constant state of attack. It only makes sense, if successful,
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Heartbleed Issues Still Exist

Just three percent of machines have full protection against the OpenSSL vulnerability known as Heartbleed, according to a study of
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How Attackers Bypass Security: Report

Attackers are exploiting commonly-used business applications to bypass security controls, a new report said. Common sharing applications such as email,
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Heartbleed Goes Wireless

While most organizations have patched the Heartbleed bug in their OpenSSL installations, there are new vectors for exploiting the vulnerability,
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Siemens Patches Heartbleed Holes

Siemens created an update that mitigates its Heartbleed vulnerability the company reported to ICS-CERT. Siemens also created a security advisory.
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Unified Automation Heartbleed Vulnerability

Unified Automation GmbH discovered its OPC UA Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Windows included vulnerable OpenSSL libraries, according to a
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Siemens Updates Heartbleed Fixes

Siemens created an update and Security Advisory that mitigates the OpenSSL vulnerability known as Heartbleed in eLAN and WinCC OA
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