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Ohio River Diesel Recovery Ongoing

Human error was the cause of a 5,000 gallon diesel fuel spill in the Ohio River right outside Cincinnati, OH,
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Propane Blast Cause: Human Error

Human error resulted in last summer’s blast and fire at the Blue Rhino depot in Tavares, FL, that injured seven
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Challenge of Securing Internet of Things

By Guido Jouret
The Internet is only about 8000 days old. 2.5 billion people and 37 billion things will
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Offshore: Integrated Control Buoys Human Judgment

By Ellen Fussell Policastro
In dangerous operations, especially the offshore oil industry, safety has to remain top priority. Yet
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Fukushima: Radioactive Water Hits 6

Human error mishaps are just multiplying as six workers at Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima ended up accidentally
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Human Error Possible Plant Blast Cause

Human error and equipment malfunction are the possible causes of a series of explosions that spawned a 20-by-20 foot fireball
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GA Gas Blast an Accident

A propane tank explosion that sent two Ferrell gas employees to the hospital suffering from burns was the result of
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PAS: Human Reliability

By Gregory Hale
It is time to focus on human reliability. “We have done a fantastic job in improving
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Korea Nuke Damage: Human Error

The shutdown of the No. 1 nuclear reactor at Korea’s Wolseong power station Monday was the result of human error,
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