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Police Virus Malware Growing

Cyber criminals are now using the Police Virus malware as fully functioning ransomware, according to a new report. The Police
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Android Trojan Hits China

A new Android Trojan is running through China with at least 100,000 infections so far. The Trojan provides a variation
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Botnet Masters Busted

Masters behind the Carberp botnets are now under arrest and facing charges. As expected, the number of infected devices dropped
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Mass Webpage Compromise

Just around 30,000 unique websites are currently suffering from compromises that redirect visitors to sites that promote bogus antivirus software.
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Looking for Duqu’s Real Target

Duqu is sending shivers up and down the spine of security experts, not necessarily for what it has done, but
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Study: Poor Patching Allows Windows Malware

Failure to patch third-party applications is the main reason Windows machines suffer from malware infections, a new study said. Drive-by
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Mitsubishi Heavy Hacked

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, the manufacturer of Patriot Advanced Capability 3 missiles, is under attack with hackers targeting the submarine,
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Social Networking: Friends Infecting Friends

A virus can spread and cause huge ramifications, but a new application injected into the social networking site Facebook can
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XP: Fertile for Rootkit Infections

Users beware: Computers running Windows XP make up a huge amount of infected PCs that can spread malware to other
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