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New Stagefright Exploit Hits Android, Again

Hundreds of millions Android devices are at risk one more time after researchers found a new way to exploit the
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Converting Solar Energy into Electric Power

There is a new paradigm for the development of photo-bioelectrochemical cells that could end up converting solar light energy into
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SMBs Target of Malware Attack

An attack focusing on small- and medium-sized businesses in different countries is working despite employing malware not very good at
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U.S., Belarus Spam Leaders

When it comes to spam, the United States is the leader in the “countries by volume” category, while Belarus tops
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IBM Deals for Security Firm Trusteer

IBM is going to pay close to $1 billion to pick up security company, Trusteer. In a sign that IBM
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Botnets Attack Israeli Websites

Israeli websites are under attack as part of the Anonymous OpIsrael campaign which launched a series of distributed denial of
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Iran Offshore Platforms Targeted

Iran fought off attacks against its offshore oil and gas platforms as they ended up targeted in an effort to
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Stuxnet Older than We Think

A form of the Stuxnet worm used to cripple Iran’s nuclear program was in existence two years longer than first
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U.S., Israel behind New Iran Attack

By Richard Sale
The new virus hitting Iran that targets computers and wipes entire disk partitions clean is a
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