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‘Molecular Trap’ Cleans Radioactive Waste

A new method for capturing radioactive waste from nuclear power plants is cheaper and more effective than current methods, new
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Hiking Solar Cell Efficiency

There is a new technique under development that could improve the efficiencies of photovoltaic materials and help make solar electricity
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New Material Makes Refining Cheaper

A newly synthesized material might provide an improved method for separating the highest-octane components of gasoline. The material is a
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Making Plans for Natural Gas Cars

Natural gas storage is one hurdle facing adoption of the energy source to becoming commercially viable. One chemist, chemist Hongcai
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Filter Could Cut Costs for Gas Refining

A newly created material has the ability to separate closely related components of natural gas from one another, a task
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Hydrogen Nano Storage With Pinch of Salt

Sugar, salt, and a little alcohol led to the discovery of a new class of nanostructures that could aid in
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