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Fossil Fuel Free Biodiesel

A new fuel-cell concept will allow biodiesel plants to eliminate the creation of hazardous wastes while removing their dependence on
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Thin Nanowires Mean Foldable Tablets

There is a new way to build nanowires just three atoms wide that should help scientists eventually create paper-thin, flexible
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From Copper to Solar Cells

By looking at a piece of material in cross section, it is possible to see how copper sprouts grass-like nanowires
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Learning Which Solar Technology is Brightest

Computer modeling will help decide which of two competing materials will get a chance to shine as the nanoscale energy-harvesting
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Greater Solar Cell Efficiency

Nanowires could pave the way for more efficient and cheaper solar cells. “Our findings are the first to show that
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Solar Power Possibilities Prevail

The sun has plenty of energy to give, why not use as much of that power as possible – at
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Nanotrees can ‘Grow’ Hydrogen

A forest consisting of tiny nanowire trees could cleanly capture solar energy without using fossil fuels and then harvest it
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Close Nanowires Boost Voltage

Voltage increases of up to 25 percent in two barely separated nanowires should help designers of next generation phones, handheld
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Nano Copper a Solar Boost

A new a technique that can organize copper atoms in water to form long, thin, non-clumped nanowires is now under
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Turning Waste Heat into Power

By using a novel “pyroelectric” method, it may soon be possible to power tiny devices using waste heat.
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