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Honeywell’s Portable Gas Monitor

Honeywell released the BW Clip4, a four-gas, portable monitor that once turned on can operate continuously for two years without
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How to Improve ICS Security

While it may not be abundantly clear to the population in general, but industrial control systems (ICSs) are an integral
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ICS Components Still Connected to Internet

Organizations likely have ICS components connected to the Internet that could allow attackers to launch an assault against critical infrastructure
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PSM Failure for KS Chemical Maker: OSHA

Kansas City, Kansas-based Harcros Chemicals Inc., is facing $80,000 in fines for 14 serious safety violations for violating process safety
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Physical Security Meets OT

By Nate Kube
Several years ago, the key word used by security pundits was “convergence.” And, although different marketers
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Intrinsically Safe Personal Noise Dosimeter

A wireless noise dosimeter, developed by Casella, gained Intrinsic Safety certification for use in industries that operate in highly explosive
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Japan’s Critical Infrastructure Under Attack

It is easy to work and live in a vacuum and think security issues exist only within your realm, but
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SAP Mfg Industry Hole Patched

SAP released patches to mitigate 16 issues, including 13 rated at “high severity.” The most common types of flaws patched
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Wurldtech Releases Network Security Offering

Wurldtech launched a security solution called OpShield which replaces the Achilles industrial firewall, which the company introduced in October 2014.
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GAC: New Tricon System Released

By Gregory Hale
Acknowledging safety is a vital area moving forward and knowing users need a smaller, smarter and
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