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IT-OT Partnership Pact

OT security provider, Dragos signed a partnership pact with IT security firm, CrowdStrike Inc. CrowdStrike Services offers cyber readiness assessments,
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Grid Attack: Understand ‘What We Will See Tomorrow’

By Gregory Hale
Industrial control system (ICS) or SCADA users across the board need to understand they need to
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ENGIE, Schneider Energy Digitization Pact

Schneider Electric and electric utility ENGIE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore and deploy new digital solutions for
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Tips to SCADA Security

SCADA security is paramount as networking continues to evolve and grow through the use of the Internet. Along those lines
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Huge Jump in ICS Attacks

Industrial control systems (ICS) attacks jumped by 110 percent this year over last year, new research found. The main culprit
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Tofino’s Energy Sector Solution

Tofino Xenon Industrial Security Appliance now supports two of the most widely used energy-specific communication protocols. This new solution reduces
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Secure Cellular Remote Connectivity

Phoenix Contact’s TC mGuard devices leverage cellular networks, such as Verizon and AT&T, to provide secure remote communications wherever a
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Security from an Executive Level

What Leaders Need to Know and Ask to Ensure a Strong Security Profile
By Marc Ayala and Jeff Jensen
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Essential ICS Firewall Concepts

By Heather MacKenzie
When it comes to securing ICS and SCADA networks, firewalls (also called security appliances) play an
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Siemens Mitigates Critical Vulnerabilities

Siemens released software updates to address two critical vulnerabilities in its SIMATIC WinCC supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system,
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