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VMware Patches Workstation Bug

VMware released updates for VMware Workstation and VMware Player that fix a security vulnerability that attackers could use to host
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Security Fixes for Chrome 27

Google issued a security update for its Chrome browser and Chrome Frame platform. The update fixes one security vulnerability rated
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Microsoft Zero Day Disclosed

There is a security vulnerability in Windows that any user on the system can exploit to obtain administrator privileges, a
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Critical Hole in HP Printers

Some printers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, including 10 of its LaserJet Professional printers, have a security vulnerability that could allow an
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Firefox 16 Vulnerability

Mozilla temporarily removed Firefox 16 from the current installer page after it found a security vulnerability in the new version
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Oracle Holes Exploited

Oracle databases and SQL servers are open for attacks, some of which were previously unknown, researchers said. In “Hacking the
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Wipe Flaw in Other Android Devices

Smartphones running older versions of Android could also suffer from a wipe out by clicking on a single HTML link,
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BIND DNS Server Hole

The free DNS server BIND, which the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) maintains, contains a security vulnerability that allows attackers to
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NVIDIA’s Linux Drivers Patched

A new release of NVIDIA’s proprietary UNIX graphics drivers for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD fixes a security vulnerability that allowed
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